Turkey Marble Quarry


Turkish Marble is famous for its high resistance to surface tension, its processing capability, and variety all over the world. As a Turkish company, Granices offers the best quality of Turkish marble. We have a variety of quarries to use manufacture marble and its products in the best quality. Our quarries are mainly located on the Aegean part of Turkey and our Afyon marble factory is the center of our quarries.

Our company has many quarries in different types like onyx, basalt, travertine, andesite, limra, and granite quarries. We use the best technology for mining and process them in our marble factory to offer you the best marble products. From different quarries, we produce a high quantity of marble every year and our quarries are well enough to answer increasing demand.

The production of our marble quarry is high and has high importance in the marble production of Turkey annually. Every year, we provide a high part of marble needs in Turkey and export it all over the world. Our company increases its production and manufacturing quantity and variety every year and always ready to meet the marble needs of our customers.

In our quarries, we use the latest technology and methods for mining and that’s why we manufacture the best quality Turkish marble in our Afyon factory. Turkish marble who mined from the mainly Aegean part of Turkey has a feature to resistance to surface tension and it makes that marble the best raw material to be processed. We have many different quarry types and high mining capacity and our company, Granices are ready to meet your needs fast and in the best way. To learn more about Granices marble quarry and for your marble needs, contact us. If you want to know more about marble products that are mined from our quarries, you can look at our company’s catalog.