Turkey Marble Factory


With the latest technology, our marble factory that is located in Afyon manufacture premium quality products in different colors and patterns. Due to its location, our marble factory is accessible for international trade and near to Turkey’s international harbors like Izmir, Antalya, and Mersin. Not only for international trade but also the marble factory is a center of marble manufacturing in Turkey and near to cities like Istanbul and Ankara that are center of marble trading. Our marble factory is in the best location for both manufacturing and trade in Turkey.

Our marble factory is known for its manufacturing quality and quantity and has high importance on marble manufacturing in Turkey. Only last 6 months, the marble factory has manufactured 80,000 m2 marble from three quarries. With that production, Afyon marble factory takes an important role in Turkey’s marble manufacturing and trade. We produce the best quality marbles in many colors and patterns and our marble factory is a leader factory in its field.

The success of our marble factory takes its source in the latest technology and the quality of marble. We always care about marble technology and in order to offer the best quality marble to our customers, we use high standard technology that is approved by engineers. Our marble has a high resistance to surface tension and it makes the marble of our factory best to be processed. It is known that Turkish marble is the best marble to be processed in the cutting process. Thanks to the nature of Turkish marble, our factory manufacture marble products from raw material to best quality marble products.

Our marble factory in Afyon is always ready to manufacture your marble needs. In the marble factory, we manufacture different marble products in many colors and patterns. According to your needs, our factory increases its manufacturing quantity day by day and always uses the latest technology and methods. In order to learn more about our factory and products, you can contact us.