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Welcome to our high-quality Turkish marble world. Granices is the leader company on Turkish marble and other stone groups are ready to meet your marble needs in the best quality and variety. We have a variety of marble products in different colors and patterns according to your needs. You can look at our catalog and our web site to learn more about our products and in order to access our products. You can directly write your questions and needs on our products. Contact us to experience the beautiful world of Turkish marble with the best service.

From different types of quarries, we manufacture the best quality of marble products with the latest technology, new methods, and highly skilled labor force. We also offer your best export service for our marble products. Granices, with its own experience on marble trading and operation, offer guaranteed and fast export solutions to its partners. It is one of the first company comes to mind on marble trading all over the world. Granices as a Turkish marble export and import company increase its manufacturing quality day by day and access more points on the world.

Granices, with its mission and vision, is always ready for its customers. We would be glad to see you in our partnership. In order to learn more about our company and business partnership, you can contact us. Start your experience today with Turkish marble export and import company, Granices, and meet your needs with the best quality. We always here to offer you the best Turkish marble and other stone products in the best quality and the best export conditions.

Turk Marble Supplier

In Turkey’s economy, the production of natural stone and its export rate are important. The effect of our natural raw stone production to our country’s economy is approximately 1,5 % annually. Apart from that, natural stone types with increasing production contribute to GDP with a 3,5 % rate. The number of people works in natural stone production is approximately 115,000 directly and 750,000.

From ancient times, marble has had an important role and it is needed to think differently comparing other natural stones. That old building material, marble, start to its journey in quarries. With its experience in that field, Granices is a pioneer company in Turk marble production and still continues to be an important part of natural stone suppliers.

Turk marble export is powerful in terms of its competitive capacity.Even it has an important role in marble production in the world, that is thought that it has a higher value to get a higher margin. In our country,77 types of marble can be mined among 90 types of marble and that capacity has an effect on GDP with a 3,5% rate.

As symbol prosperity and modernism, marble usage is increasing in both our country and worldwide. Decorative marble products have ergonomics, a clean and esthetic look, and they make these products to be used more. With higher technologies and our fast manufacturing lines, we offer services for marble production to our country and all other countries without any obstacles.

Developed countries mostly prefer marble products due to its strongness and esthetic look. Our company continues its position as a Turk marble supplier with mined and processed marble products in high variety. We are a leading company with our increasing export rate and powerful production capacity.